Approved Supplier Registration Form

In order to become Approved Supplier to Logi Trans AS, please complete this form for approval.
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Supplier relation:
Logi Trans Norway (Tananger/Bergen/Oslo)
Logi Trans Denmark (Herning)
Logi Trans Holland (Coevorden)

Supplier category:
General supplier (other than listed below)
HL/OoG (HeavyLift/Out of Gauge)
Dangerous Goods
Administration supplier
Waste handling & disposal
Air freight

General requirements for all suppliers:

   Suppliers must:
- be legally organized and registered (tax, working environment legislation, union rights, social rights etc.)
- have the appropriate equipment available
- have the right competence (documented with licences, certificates etc. when relevant)
- be familiar with Logi Trans Quality Policy Statement (see HSEQ tab on our web pages).
- be familiar with Logi Trans HSE Policy (see HSEQ tab on our web pages)
- have an internal HSE control system that meets the local government demands

Additional requirements for Freight suppliers/forwarders:

  Suppliers must:
- be able to deliver POD together with the invoice, when requested
- be able to report ETD/ETA
- be able to daily report ATD/ATA

Additional requirements for Express suppliers:

  Suppliers must:
- have documented duty arrangements for services outside normal working hours
- have extensive experience with urgent deliveries/pickups
- be able to report milestones according to LT requirements
- have available 24/7 duty phone nr:

Additional requirements for suppliers of Heavy Lift / Out of Gauge (HL/OoG) services:

  Suppliers must:
- have written procedures for OoG/HL
- have specific OoG/HL competence verifiable by LT-personnel
- have special equipment required for OoG/HL (incl. lights, signs, etc.)
- have experience performing SJA
- have be able to report milestones according to LT requirements

Additional requirements for suppliers of Dangerous Goods services:

  Suppliers must:
- have a safety advisor available (employee or contractor)
- have specific ADR/RID competence verifiable by LT-personnel

Additional requirements for suppliers of Waste Handling and disposal:

  Suppliers must:
- have the required permissions for the types of waste to be handled
- be able to supply the documents and reports we require

Additional requirements for suppliers of Air Freight:

  Suppliers must:
- submit signed security statement to Logi Trans

Additional requirements for suppliers:

- freight liability insurance
- pulling of trailer insurance
- forwarders liability insurance
- other insurance coverage, please specify:

Additional information:
Here you can enter additional information about relevant competence,
special equipment, truck emission standards or other information you wish to provide.

Logi Trans departments:

Energiveien 7, 4056 Tananger, Tlf: +47 51719999, Fax: +47 51719988
BERGEN: Skoltegrunnskaien skur 2-3, 5003 Bergen, Tlf: +47 55302600, Fax: +47 55302601
OSLO: Sørkedalsveien 10A, 0369 Oslo, Tlf: +47 51719995
HERNING: Baggeskærvej 40, DK-7400 Herning, Tlf: +45 96601400
COEVORDEN: De Mars 1B, NL-7742 Coevorden, Tlf: +31 524 595710, Fax: +31 537 113922